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 Winter printed jackets
Winter printed jackets

 Wearable art hoodies
Wearable art hoodies

 Collection of clothing SURREALITY
Collection of clothing SURREALITY

 Collection of tunics Magic
Collection of tunics Magic is near

 Wearable art clothing by
Wearable art clothing by Yaga

  Collection of designer
Collection of designer clothing To be continued

 Lightweight summer coats Microcosm
Lightweight summer coats Microcosm in Macrocosm

 Clothing collection ExLibris by
Clothing collection ExLibris by YAGA

 Fashion collection of designer
Fashion collection of designer clothing EX-LIBRIS

 New collection of coats
New collection of coats Moscow Autumn

 Handmade clothing by Yaga:
Handmade clothing by Yaga: lightweight wool coats and vests

 Collection of clothing and
Collection of clothing and accessories SPRING YAGA

 Collection of handmade clothing
Collection of handmade clothing TERRANOVA

 Yaga handmade clothing and
Yaga handmade clothing and accessories in Moscow, Russia

 Yaga handmade clothing Ice
Yaga handmade clothing Ice and Flame

 Collection of handmade clothing
Collection of handmade clothing and accessories Morning colors delicate light

 Collection of Yaga fashion
Collection of Yaga fashion clothing CONTRAST, Fall 2015

 New collection of Yaga
New collection of Yaga clothing and accessories Spring 2015

 Collection of Yaga casual
Collection of Yaga casual clothing 20+

 YAGA in a big
YAGA in a big city

 Yaga wedding costume
Yaga wedding costume

 Yaga collection of clothing
Yaga collection of clothing Vernisage, fall / winter

 Collection of linen summer
Collection of linen summer clothing Summer cottage party

 Yaga new fashion clothing
Yaga new fashion clothing and accessories

 Yagas new line of
Yagas new line of fashion clothing

 Coats and stoles 2010
Coats and stoles 2010 In fusion with knitting

 Collection of clothing and
Collection of clothing and accessories Lelya, 2010



 Jackets, capes, pelerines
Jackets, capes, pelerines

 Collection of linen clothing
Collection of linen clothing

 Collection of wear Indian
Collection of wear Indian Summer

 New Year is coming!
New Year is coming!

"YAGA" - who is still unaware - is a kind sorceress. She waved her hands and flowers bloomed in December. Let the Sun remember that after "death" there will be a new life and at the end of December the days start growing. It means that spring will come soon.

Brooches, hair-pins, bracelets, neck adornments, hats and mittens: all this you will find in the gallery "Svoe" on Pyatniskaya st. 53 and in the shops "Poyas Aphrodity" (tel. of the shop: 77 22 013)

 Flamingo in the north
Flamingo in the north

 Improvisation in tango style
Improvisation in tango style

In Tango the cultural traditions and folklore interlace with feelings and emotions. Passion and sorrow supplement each other creating united rhythm.

 Autumn - Winter 2002-2003
Autumn - Winter 2002-2003 Collection


 First Collection for men
First Collection for men "Ouroboros"

With serious intention YAGA started to design mens wear. The first samples are ready.

 YAGA avant-garde traditional east-west
YAGA avant-garde traditional east-west view on wedding ceremony

"Wedding" is YAGAs element. Alchemy of marriage always makes Goddess glad, you know, - any bride and bridegroom are Red King and White Queen for her.

Collection "YA GAYA"

YAGA is in St. Petersburg. The first demonstration in pret-a-porter genre as if it were the puzzle for Harry Potter or a magic transformation following the route "fabrics-veils- pret-a-porter". Collection-palindrome "YA GAYA" - the clothes of Mother Earth on the northern norns.

Collection "Outset"

 Collection of coats
Collection of coats "Spring 2003"

Light, warm coats-jackets are the touchstone for Yaga. It seems that the "stone" turned out a magic golden clew because these coats proved to be effective, unusual, and emotional.

 Collections of mantelets
Collections of mantelets "Spring 2003"

 Collection of jumpers
Collection of jumpers "Spring 2003"

Yaga´s works from the spring "floral" collection of wool jumpers and palantins pleased the eyes, warmed the souls of the visitors and buyers of the numerous spring shows where Yaga took part. To be the gardener, to grow wonderful herbs and flowers are one of the favorite and natural Yaga´s activities.

 Summer 2002 Collection
Summer 2002 Collection

 YAGA presents new art
YAGA presents new art textile objects for interior. In the center of attention - plaids and cushions.

 Decoration of windows in
Decoration of windows in the sitting room. An apartment in the housing estate "Alije parusa" (Scarlet Sails)

After publishing the article about our studio in the recent issue of "Arkhidom" magazine, we received an order to decorate one apartment. Please, see how we did it.

 Yaga in Europe
Yaga in Europe