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Lightweight summer coats Microcosm in Macrocosm

Lightweight summer coats Microcosm in Macrocosm

In ancient times the man was called a microcosm. Macrocosm was everything else. It was believed that the small is reflected in the large, and the large is reflected in the small. In antiquity, Holy Scripture, alchemy and metaphysics permeated all human thought. In the collection of clothing “Ex Libris” we bring back subtle matters of the magical perception to our world, to the 21st century. And this return can be felt literally “on yourself”.  

Lightweight coat “Macrocosm”

This amazing summer coat is based on the famous star atlas “Harmonia Macrocosmica” by Andreas Cellarius, created in the middle of the 17th century. In this coat, reflecting the center of the world and seven concentric planetary spheres according to Ptolemy’s planetary model, its owner herself unwittingly becomes a center. The center of everybody’s attention.

Lightweight summer coat “Southern seas” (Mare Australis)

This “kaleidoscope” coat depicting fish, crayfish, crabs, and other sea creatures amazing in color and most incredible forms, immerses its owner in the atmosphere of the southern seas off the coast of Australia, which are unique in terms of natural abundance and diversity. Apparently, the compilers of this atlas were so amused by the riot of colors and forms, that their sketches look like hallucinations of the medieval bestiary, despite an almost scientific status of their study. But we think that all these fish, crustaceans, shrimps and lobsters of the 17th century seem to be quite modern and familiar.


Coat “Ravenna”

This art to wear coat is based on the mosaics of the Basilica of San Vitale in Ravenna and Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark in Venice. In this coat the early Christian symbolism of Eastern Rome is combined with the golden guardian-cherubs of the St. Mark Cathedral, the mosaic splendor of which had been created for almost a thousand years. The Cathedral itself is considered to be a symbol of Venice.

Coat “Book of Kells”

This summer coat is based on the Book of Kells. This book, also known as The Book of Columba, is a richly illustrated manuscript book created by Celtic monks about 800 AD. It is one of the most generously decorated with elegant miniatures and ornaments medieval manuscripts among all that came down to us. Thanks to the magnificent technique and the beauty of patterns, this Book became a national pride of Ireland.

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