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Collection of accessories "Marquise De Pompadour"

Collection of accessories

The most famous mistress of the King of France became Jeanne Antoinette Poisson. She was born in the family of a rich financier. She had everything for living, but she always wanted more. She managed to gain power and influence due to her ambitions and striving for power. Having married a plain nobleman, she was able to enter the court and win the sympathy of the king. She did not want to remain madam d’Etiolles and the king without hesitation gave her the title Marquise De Pompadour.

From the year of 1745 the era of Pompadour starts. Splendid and luxurious lifestyle, endless feasts and dissipation. This time was embodied in the pictures of Watteau, Boucher, Fragonard. In the era of Rococo erotic, erotic-mythological, and pastoral themes prevailed in the art, sculpture and drawing. Rococo style is characterized by gracefulness, lightness, coquetry. The Yaga’s collection of accessories "Marquise De Pompadour" is made in the spirit of this epoch.

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