Festival Woolartfest in Moscow
Festival Woolartfest in Moscow

  Yaga at exhibition
Yaga at exhibition ARTIGIANO IN FIERA 2013 in Milan

 Exhibition Christmas time. 100
Exhibition Christmas time. 100 days before New Year

 Fashion Industry  Astana
Fashion Industry Astana 2012

 Deep in Siberian Mines
Deep in Siberian Mines Yaga in Tyumen.

From 3rd  till 9th of March, in Tyumen, there was held a trade show of decorative applied arts «ART SHOW. FOLK ARTS».

YAGA took part in this project, since it was a good reason to visit Baba Yaga’s native land.

 Fashion marathon
Fashion marathon

Well, finally we are through with our fashion marathon - 10 days’ “race” without rest. We started at the “Moscow Fashion Week” in Gostiny Dvor and finished at “Flea Market” in Tishinka. 

 Vintage. History of Fashion
Vintage. History of Fashion

Wonderful, fairy project! Especially right for Yaga.

 22.10 - 28.10
22.10 - 28.10 Fashion Week in Moscow

Yaga took part in the project “Fashion Week in Moscow”, the essential part of Moscow fashion life.

 Bloshiny rinok (Flea market)
Bloshiny rinok (Flea market)

From 20.12 till 24.12 2006 - project "Flea market". YAGA’s miracle-tree has yielded with hats and mittens. It’s high time for the snow to fall down!

Festival "Fashion City"

To do something for the first time is always difficult. You need to have some courage to start "fashy" in Moscow.

 Messe Frankfurt Ambiente.Germany, Frankfurt,February
Messe Frankfurt Ambiente.
Germany, Frankfurt,
February 11-15, 2005

At last! Yaga studio took part in the world-famous fair in Frankfurt.

 2nd International Textile Doll
2nd International Textile Doll Festival "Eve’s Rib"
Moscow, "Gallery of 21st century" November 24 - December 20 of the 2004 year

We are very thankful to the organizers of the exhibition "Colored dreams" for providing the opportunity to take part in this unique festival; special thanks to Alena Borshchakovskaya for the excellent exposition of the gallery.

 International saloon
International saloon "High design in CROCUS-CITY".
Moscow, Crocus-City, December 16-19, 2004

The society of designers of Russia and Crocus Company International began in 2004 a new project "High Design"

 'The international exhibition and
'The international exhibition and fashion and beauty parade "Fashion Directory".
Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, Hall 38,
October 27-30, 2004

Fabric "Usadba", created by an artist of our studio, Nadezhda Cherepanova, won the first place in nomination "the best handmade fabric of 2004"

"CHAPEAU-2004". Moscow, Show complex "Gostiniy Dvor", August 11-14, 2004

It was the first time that we took part in this show. We organized our exhibit together with the gallery "Glinka" and our things felt good near each other and successfully supplemented each other.

 International Fair
International Fair "Ambiente Rossija", Moscow, October 2002

For the second time Yaga is participating in the international exhibition "Ambiente Rossia" which was opened, also for the second time, in the Central Dom Hudozhnika in Moscow. Our stand attracted great attention, if a sensation, from the part of both participants and guests of the exhibition.

 The exhibition of Lettish
The exhibition of Lettish artists.
Centralny Dom Hudozhnika. Moscow, June, 2002

Lettish "garden of stones" in CDH - the art of tranquility, hardworking, and simply love from already almost distant abroad.

 The show
The show "Beauty World".
Presnya Hummer Center. Moscow. February 19-22, 2002

The decision of YAGA participation in the show was made two days earlier its beginning.

"Art-furniture" exibition. Sokolniky Park, Moscow, September 2002

"Art-furniture" in Sokolniky. YAGA gave its fabrics for "Project 7" at the exhibition "Art-funiture" in Sokolniky. We can not say that we were satisfied completely with the design of the stand. Nevertheless, despite the exposition’s multicolors and eclecticism, Yaga-fabrics aroused the visitor’s keen interest.

 Theatre seminar, June 2002
Theatre seminar, June 2002

At the start of June YAGA took part for the second time in the inter-regional seminar which is annually held in the cozy sanatorium in the suburbs of Moscow by Doka-light company.

 YAGA show-case at at
YAGA show-case at at the exhibition "Iz kopilki proshlogo", Moscow, summer 2002

Yaga made successful attempts in show-window (stands, showcases) decoration. So far it is only our own show-case located at the exhibition "Iz kopilki proshlogo" (rebirth from past) in the pavilion "Culture" in VVTs. Look at the result with your own eyes. Yaga calls it "futuristic rags".

 The show
The show "Ambiente". Centralny Dom Khudozhnika. Moscow. October, 2001

Yaga tried to show in every detail the ideas how to decorate a person and his/her dwelling by Yaga-fabrics and create a new Yaga entourage.