Fashion show / collection
Fashion show / collection VREMENINET / LeShow

 Fashion show of designer
Fashion show of designer clothing, Ladya 2019, Moscow

 Fashion show by YAGA
Fashion show by YAGA in Moscow

 Fashion show of
Fashion show of new clothing collection "EX LIBRIS"

Out-of-competition show of new clothing collection by YAGA

 Meeting of the summer
Meeting of the summer in the art cafe Rukav

 Yaga at Volvo Fashion
Yaga at Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow

 Yaga second trip to
Yaga second trip to Siberia. Festival Artania 2011 in Novosibirsk

 Russian Art Week 17-22
Russian Art Week 17-22 May, 2011

 First Moscow international exhibition
First Moscow international exhibition Doll Art

People driving by and coming out of the metro station could not understand at once what’s going on. They were watching a huge line of people stretching across the all Manege square to the central entrance of the exhibition complex “Manege”.

 Jubilee show of new
Jubilee show of new clothing collection "BerYberi - White Africa"

On November 2, 2010, Yaga celebrated the 10th anniversary, having presented her new jubilee collection «BerYberi» in the «XXI century Gallery».

 Russian Fashion Week. Yaga
Russian Fashion Week. Yaga fabrics in Slava Zaitsevs Collection Autumn/Winter 2009/2010

On April 4 Yaga visited Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s fashion show. 

 Summer 2008. Autumn/Winter collection
Summer 2008. Autumn/Winter collection Winter Plumage

Creation of the Autumn/Winter collection of wear for the boutique “Madam Jersey” (Moscow).

 Violete Belladonna
Violete Belladonna

On March 27, within the framework of the "Fashion Week in Moscow", YAGA presented a new collection autumn - winter 2007/2008 BellaDonna.


On Sunday, March 25,a show presenting Slava Zaitsev’s Fashion House collection "Awaiting of changes" took place at the "Fashion week in Moscow". The couturier himself presented the models and commented upon the garments, giving credit to those partners who had taken part in the creation of the collection. The women’s part of the collection included outerwear made of Yaga-fabrics.

 Pancake Day in Otrada
Pancake Day in Otrada club

We were saying goodbye to winter in the suburban family club "Otrada" . That day we did a lot of things: ate pancakes, burnt a straw dummy, danced in a ring, and rode on horses.

 Aha! Winter! Presentation of
Aha! Winter!
Presentation of new collections.
Gallery SVOE December 03, 2004

At the beginning of December the Gallery SVOE presented, under the slogan "Aha! Winter!", the new collections of YAGA together with designer Natalia Zaitseva.

 YAGA at the Halloween
YAGA at the Halloween party at our friend’s from "Chaini dvor"

The dancers, a Tuvinian singer with a marvelous Siren voice put on our capes, and the tippets served as the framing of the altar meant for "feast of spirits". Professional quartette playing Indian, Chinese, and Buryat music, Tuvinian Siren in the garment of Mother-Bird, tea ceremony - all this created harmonic environment for our fabrics. See our photo-report.

 YAGA in Tallinn
"YAGA" in Tallinn

Dismal sleety November, long awaiting for the winter, gloomy mood: and a bright ray - a show of the new collection in Tallinn.

Collection "YA GAYA" - "Defile on the Neva river". St. Petersburg.
April 5, 2002

YAGA is in St. Petersburg. The first demonstration in pret-a-porter genre as if it were the puzzle for Gary Potter or a magic transformation following the route "fabrics-veils- pret-a-porter". Collection-palindrome "YA GAYA" - the clothes of Mother Earth on the northern norns.