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Jubilee show of new clothing collection "BerYberi - White Africa"

Jubilee show of new clothing collection BerYberi

On November 2, 2010, Yaga celebrated the 10th anniversary, having presented her new jubilee collection «BerYberi» in the «XXI century Gallery».

With collection BerYberi we become absorbed in secret codes and messages of universal signs and symbols, in colors of glowing sun, scorched earth, piercing blue sea…- on body as well as on land – the same unimaginable inflorescence bound by a thread of tradition. The motto: from eternal nature to everlasting beauty.  

 We thank everybody who helped us organize this wonderful event. Thanks to all present and to those who were not able to come for any reason. We know they sincerely wished to be with us.  

Special thanks to Alena Borschagovskaya, director of “XXI century Gallery”, to Raf Sardarov, our old friend and a master of ceremony who also the author of the African decorations included in the show of our new clothing collection; to Ekaterina Panteleeva, director of the Slava Zaitsev model agency which beautiful models took part in the show; to Lolita, director of the vegetarian café «Ganga» that treated the guests to delicious pies; to Olga Chernikova, a designer of unique valenki also included in our show of clothing collection.

Thank you once again and see you soon!