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The article Back to the Future about Yaga designer textiles

 Magazine Living & Design
Magazine Living & Design

In Taiwan, the magazine «Living & Design» published the article about Yaga studio

"Rublevka-dacha" Magazine, May 2006
Yaga and a magic thread

You have chosen textile to embody your conceptions and ideas. Why textile?

 The Philosophy of Fabrics
The Philosophy of Fabrics
Aeroflot Inflight Magazine, November/December 2005

The famous couturier Cristobal Balenciaga once said: "You have to force fabric to speak." This is a tall order, which even the world’s most talented designers find hard to fill. However, Russian designer Irina Yega’s handmade fabrics not only speak, but they love, support and inspire their maker during hard times.

 Irina Yega is a
Irina Yega is a guest at Margarita Borisova and Alexander Kulikov’s.

 Natalia Zaitseva took part
Natalia Zaitseva took part in the TV-program "A new day" on Teleinform channel

On the 20th of October, 2004 Natalia Zaitseva, a designer of our studio, was invited to the morning program "A new day" of the Teleinform channel.

The "Design Illustrated" magazine, March 2002

Russian Design exists. Photo session about Russian designers. Yaga fabrics as a philosophical message.